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Bye, Bye, Spanky PDF Print E-mail
Written by Lango   
Tuesday, 12 May 2009 06:22

Our beloved #1 kitty, who was tracking Olivia age-wise through the years, succumbed to the stress of excess DNA replication as it formed a mass in his bladder.  Spanky, the prodigious orange and white short-hair that left an impression on all who visited the Langowski household, had been dropping some weight lately, though it turned out that it was attributable to dehydration.  Jack had the unenviable task of making the final decision at the vet's on Saturday, April 10th.

We'll all miss you Spanky.  We'll be publishing a pictoral history in the Photo section, so come back soon visitors.  In the meantime, please leave your comments below on your memories of the Spankster.

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