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Jack Visits Mississippi PDF Print E-mail
Written by Lango   
Thursday, 16 October 2008 03:56
Jack recently spent a long weekend visiting with his dad John and stepmom Arlene for the first time since they relocated to Mississippi from Ft. Myers, FL.   On his way back from a business trip to Atlanta, Jack took the quick hop over to Columbus, MS and arrived mid-afternoon to a sweet welcoming of hugs and tears.  John and Arlene live in neighboring Steens with Arlene's "brother" Victor.  


During his stay, Jack toured the local sights including a trip to Tuscaloosa, AL, home of the University of Alabama.  Most of the time was spent relaxing and visiting while also taking in a couple of Red Sox games on TV. 

Jack spent some of his time looking over the household computer and internet setup.  He enabled their WiFi and showed Arlene how she could use her laptop from anywhere in the house to access the internet.  He also found that they were paying too much for their interent service.

The Langowski home sits on a generous acre-sized lot backing up to some protected wetlands.   Click on Photos in the main menu to view or click here to get a closer look.

While the stay was too short for some, it was long enough for Jack to reconnect  with his dad and stepmom and get a good taste of their barnd of southern hospitality.  With any luck, Jack's future job prospects will allow him to visit more frequently, but regardless, the experience left an indelible image of family cohesion and affection.

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